Officialdom systems always fluctuate in their implementation due to various things and lines that intersect each other, if has not been done a good coordination, understanding and consolidation. It will hinder the success of the Civil Service System itself. It was Stated by the Head of General Affairs bureau of BNPB during the opening of Socialization Performance Assessment of PNS held at Hotel Mirah, Jl. Pangrango. No 9A, Bogor, July the 26th through the 28th, 2013.

Moreover, it is mentioned that there are three issues that occur in our employment system. First, is related to the system, that there are rules that have not been fully adjusted and planned. Many regulations that must be addressed and laid back with a good regulation and appropriate regulations. The second is a matter of the Government Institution/Agencies. Based on empirical facts/observations, there are too many institutions that having problems, for instance, the Officialdom problem faced by the MENPAN&RB, BKN, LAN, and Ministry of Home Affairs. In addition, thirdly, there are inequality existing personnel resources, especially in terms of education, especially if it is associated with the need for community/Public service.
In relation with the workshop on socialization of Performance Assessment PNS, as it is known that the formation of civil servants in the rank and position/career civil servants so far are based on the performance outcomes, as outlined in the DP3. The fact is that the implementation of the Assessment Process PNS work tends to get stuck into the process of formality. DP3 – Civil servants have lost their significance and substantive significance, and not related directly with what has been done by PNS, DP3-civil servants substantively do not reflect the assessment and measurement on how much productivity and contribution to the organization of civil servants, as well as how big the success and or the failure of civil servants in their job/duties performance.

More than that, the assessment DP3 – PNS is more oriented personality assessment (personality) and behavioral (behavior) that focuses on individual characters using behavioral criteria, and focuses on performance, yield improvement, productivity and utilization of development potentials.
To fix the system that has been going on, the government has issued PP number 46 year of 2011 On Job Performance Assessment PNS. PNS Job Performance Assessment is a systematic assessment process conducted by officials to target employee appraisal and behavior of civil servants. Job Performance Assessment aims to ensure objectivity of PNS coaching conducted based on system performance and system career emphasis on system performance. Work performance of the PNS consists of two elements, the first element of the work targets derived from the employment contract, consisting of aspects of quantity, quality, time, and costs 60% by weight rating, and the second element of work behavior comes from observations of a service orientation, integrity , commitment, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. The behavioral element has weight rating of 40%.tagana

In performance appraisal, civil servant Job shall prepare Work Target Employee (SKP) as the design implementation of office duties in accordance with the job description, responsibilities and authority which in general has been set in the structure and administration of an organization Institutional/Government Agencies.
Through this workshop socialization, it is expected to be a medium of knowledge transfer in order to improve the Human Resources personnel at the National Disaster Management Agency. (H.Adi)


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