Making the Draft of Curriculum Navigation and Mapping

Disasters can happen at any time and without notification, regardless we are prepared or not. Indonesia as a country with a very high threat of disaster requires a good preparedness effort. One form of preparedness is through preparing the map and a precise navigation during pre-disaster.
One of the Main Task of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) is to implement capacity building for Disaster Management. BNPB Training Center provides training on navigation and mapping to provide knowledge and skills and to improve natural disaster preparedness in all scale: regional, national, local  and even international that occurred. it was quoted from the Head of Curriculum and Organizer, Drs. Hermana, at opening ceremony of the drafting of curricullum navigation and mapping held in Millennium Hotel, Jakarta, 28 to 31 July 2013.


Sri Hidayati and Zulfikri (from Curriculum Center, Ministry of Education) said that in the preparation of draft navigation and mapping curriculum must be adapted to every circumstances and the ability of all levels of education in and employment needs. Length of time in the Training curriculum is usually tailored to the purposes and objectives of the education system which implemented. Curriculum is intended to direct education towards its intended purpose in the overall learning activities.

Components of the curriculum as one of the functions to achieve educational goals, basically has the main components and supporting components that are interrelated and interact with each other. in order to achieve these objectives, a component is a system of the various components of the are interrelated and cannot be separated from each other, because if one component is missing or does not function properly, it will ruin the whole system of curriculum.


Through the making of navigation and mapping curriculum, it is expected to be a learning tool in increasing the knowledge of Human Resources at BPBDs Apparatus
Provincial / District / Municipality and even in BNPB. (H.Adi)
Example: Draft Curriculum Document Navigation and Mapping


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