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In early 2012, the Head of the National Agency for Disaster Management Dr. Syamsul Maarif, M. SI issued a Regulation of the National Disaster Management Agency No. 1 Year of 2012 on the Code of the Village / Resilient Village. Rules were set so that each local government – the provinces in Indonesia possessed basic guidelines and reference when you want to establish a strong base in the face of disaster. This regulation is defined as the Resilient Village / Village who has the ability to self-adapt and face the potential threat of disaster, and recover quickly from the impact – the adverse impact of the disaster that was delivered by the Head of Curriculum and Implementation of Drs. Hermana, while opening the drafting of disaster resilient village training curriculum in Lorin Hotel Sentul Sirkut, Exit Toll Road Km 23, Bogor, Indonesia, 19 till August 21, 2013. The event was attended by invited guests and curriculum facilitators from UPN Veteran Yogyakarta (EkoTeguh) and Zulfikri Anas (Puskur Dikbud).


Further Zulfikri Anas (Puskur Dikbud) stated that in preparing the curriculum should be based on good curriculum requirements, the curriculum as an educational design has a very strategic position in all aspects of the activity. Given the important role in the educational curriculum and the development of human life, then the curriculum cannot be done without the use of a solid and strong foundation.


The development foundation of curriculum is not only used for writing compilers curriculum or curriculum that is often referred to as the ideal curriculum, but especially to be understood and used as a basis for consideration by the implementation of the curriculum facilitators / resource persons and parties – parties with respect to conduct training on the implementation of curriculum in every school. Preparation and curriculum development cannot be done arbitrarily, it takes a variety of solid foundation that can be used as the foundation in the process of education and training, so as to facilitate the achievement of educational goals and learning more effectively and efficiency.

Without the existence of the training curriculum will be helter – shelter do not know where the destination will be reached. However, with the curriculum would be easier to carry out and implement the curriculum in training and education activities.

To form a formidable village where the society could face disaster is not the job of the youngsters only. It needs some facilitation to provide a basic understanding of disaster.

Curriculum both at the stage of the curriculum as an idea, plan, experience and curriculum  as a result of the development must refer to or use of a strong and solid foundation, so that the curriculum can serve and act in accordance with the demands generated training as specified in the formulation of disaster management training purposes.

The next session was presented by ‘Kang’ ET, the agreement in the village to build a formidable formulations are effective and efficient in building a good disaster management and produce benefits for the facilitator. It is submitted to the Village Development Curriculum Development Team Tough on tough rural curriculum materials. (Ros)


draft of resilient village curriculum


Curriculum Development Competency Map of resilient village


Revised results Map competency development training resilient village


Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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