adi_01_2xThe Chief of BNPB, DR.Syamsul Maarif, M.Si attended the invitation to a scientific oration in front of 700 Sari Mutiara University Degree Graduation – Medan (29/8). Rector of Indonesia Sari Mutiara University, Dr. Dra.Ivan Elisabeth Purba, M.Kes, in her speech said, “We set up some volunteers to play role in disaster management and partnerships with BPBD”, She said. “thanks to the Head of BNPB because of his scientific oration could be our enlightenment, guidance, direction to open a large map for us to take part in disaster management,” he added.
In his scientific papers “Strategies to make Communities and our Nation Disaster Resilient’, The Chief of BNPB said, “The threat of disaster in North Sumatra reached 64% in the last decade. People should have 4 skills, those are “1. Ability to anticipate every threat, 2. Ability to fight or avoid the threat of flood, 3. Ability to adapt to disaster and its impact, .4. Ability to recover quickly after disaster”, he added.

In his speech, The Chief of BNPB advised, “do not be afraid to be great people and respect our parents”, so the graduates of Sari Mutiara University always had a tough spirit, and able to become agents of change and self-reliant, along with the development of the each owns character”, he concluded.

Sources: Cipto Andri Utomo – Pusdatinmas

Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto

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