By pusdiklatbnpb

Jakarta (4/09), BNPB Training Center Program in the Fiscal Year of 2013 will hold Disaster Management Training in Sector and Unit Level of SRC PB East Region starting October 07th-15th, 2013 (schedule still tentative) and SRC PB West Region October 20th-26th, 2013 (the schedule still tentative). The purpose of this exercise is to prepare both SRC PB personnel to anticipate the possibility of a natural disaster occurs by implementing Mitigation efforts, Preparedness and Emergency Response; Improving the preparedness of both SRC PB in anticipating and implementing national disaster management operations and humanitarian assistance abroad, as well as increasing the professionalism of the SRC PB personnel in technical and tactical capabilities and cooperation in every area and section organization. Those were points taken from the Speech of the Head of Education and Training Center (Wisnu Widjaja) at the opening meeting of the preparation of SRC PB training plans discussion on September 1st  through 4th  2013 at The Media Hotel Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 31 Jakarta 10720 – Indonesia. It was attended by Members of the SRC PB both Eastern region and Western Region.

Materials presented in the training planning meeting of SRC PB are based on the curriculum management among others command posts, leadership; emergency management, IMDP; Problem solving; decision-making method; disaster management system; Incident Command System (ICS); Table Top Exercise; Command Post Exercise, as well as Field Exercise.

SRC PB trainees with sum of 151 personnel consist of: 40 personnel of Sector level training, 111 personnel of Unit level training and the organizer total of 29 people. It is expected that this Training will run smoothly to enhance the professionalism of personnel in facing disaster. They will be trained with the ability and knowledge in disaster. (Ros)


*SRC PB means Disaster Management Rapid Response Force


Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto




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