The impact of the volcanic eruption of mount Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatra on Sunday morning (9/15/2013) at 2:51 pm has caused people to flee the vicinity of Mount Sinabung. Approximately 3,710 people to evacuate in five points. Refugees are currently residing in Jambur Taras Brastagih (650 people), Jambur Sempakata (750 people), Jambur Klasis GBKP Kabanjahe (590 people), Jambur paying village (320 people), and in GBKP Kabanjahe complex (1,400 people). All refugees are in a safe condition. No immediate reports of casualties or damage from the impact of the eruption yet.
BPBDs North Sumatra has coordinated with Karo government, military, police and related elements. Equipment and logistical support BNPB in North Sumatra BPBDs have been deployed to the disaster site. Field Kitchen Unit has been established to provide assistance to refugees. Data collection and handling of refugees are still in progress.
Mount Sinabung is currently still being recorded tremor. Standby status of the mountain remains. Monitoring volcanic activity intensified.
From the experience of Sinabung Volcano eruption which erupted in August-September 2010 has provided many lessons for local governments and BPBDs Karo. At the time of eruption of Mount Sinabung high as 3,000 feet, thumping sounds up to 8 km, and the number of refugees reached 12,000 inhabitants.
People are encouraged to always improve preparedness and follow the direction from officers. Characteristics of the eruption of Mount Sinabung has not been fully recognized since the 2010 eruption, the volcano showed no activity in almost a hundred years.



Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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