Sinabung volcano located in Karo, North Sumatra erupted on Sunday (15/09/2013) at 02:51 pm. The eruption was not too high, spewing volcanic ash and small rocks that hit some of the surrounding villages. It was visible, that there is silent fire in the summit crater at 2:45 pm. Thick black smoke that carries the ash out of the crater Sinabung. From the parameters monitored at Volcano Post Sibanung recorded 255 volcanic earthquakes in, 16 times the blast earthquake, local tectonic 5, 24 distant tectonic earthquakes and tremors 15 mm.
Associated with the increased activity of the Sinabung Volcano, PVMBG Geological Agency has increased the status of alert (level II) to alert (Level III) starting on Sunday (09.15.2013) at 03.00 AM. It was recommended that there have to be no activity in a radius of 3 km from the crater. People in the Sukameriah village within a radius of 3 km and is located in the crater openings to be evacuated first.
Rural communities in Sukameriah, Payung district, and the Village Kutarayat, Kutagugung, Simacem and Bekerah in Namanteran district, Karo regency had evacuated independently when they heard the rumble and the eruption of Mount Sinabung. They fled to the capital Kabanjahe Karo Regency. Refugees were placed in the building and surrounding Jambur-Jambur Karo Regency Office. Numbers of refugees are still in counting. Until now there has been no report of casualties and damage.
Quick Reaction Team BNPB and BPBD North Sumatra were heading to the location to coordinate with Regent Karo. BPBDs Karo Regency Karo government has not been established, in the case the disaster management is handled by Kesbanglinmas Kab. Karo. These conditions also hamper disaster response, preparedness, disaster risk reduction, emergency response and post-disaster.


Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto

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