The number of refugees increased dramatically from 7,542 on Tuesday afternoon ( 17/9 ) to 12,950 today, Wednesday ( 18/9 ) at 11:00 am. Similarly, the total of evacuation shelters is continuously increasing from 12 shelters to 24 shelters. The number of refugees the current eruption this year is larger than the number of refugees during eruption of August-September 2010.
There are 24 shelters and refugees are scattered in various locations as follows : Jambur Sempakata (2308), Klasis GBKP (800), GBKP City/TRC Building (1200), GBKP CITY/Multipurpose Building (239), Jambur Payung (1500), KWK Berastagi for women (1300), Klasis Barastagi for men (381), Istikar Barastagi Mosque (174), Great Mosque (182), Zentrum (339), Simpang GBKP VI (220), Parish (50), Jambur Tuah Lopati (800), Losd Tiganderket (1600), Cape Pulo (500), Building KNPI (170), GBKP Jl . Kotacane (190), GBKP/Retreat Center (200), School Prayer Garden Ora et Labora (105), Jambur Tongkoh Command Post (350), Office ASAP (58), GBKP Dormitory District Military Command (9), and the Church GBKP Katepul (275).
This is due to the large number of refugee villages outside a radius of 3 km, which is actually safe as recommended by PVMBG Geological Survey. Only Sukameriah village are to be emptied because it sits less than a radius of 3 km and is located below the crater opening Sinabung so prone to hot clouds and lava slide
There is an increasing awareness of the danger of the eruption of Mount Sinabung causing people to evacuate independently. Even living outside the area had come to flee danger. Previously difficult people evacuated. Need to define readiness to manage the evacuation.
Today we will be assessing the names of each refugees in the shelters. People who are in and out the shelters will be taken a good registration by officers, especially in the morning until noon when many refugees who returned to her home to take care their livestock and agricultural land.
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB

Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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