Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono, Tuesday (17/9) review the Emergency Response Command Post Sinabung Volcano, in Kabanjahe, Karo District. Menkokesra received a report from the commander of Karo/IC Commander Lt. Col. Kav. Meyer Putong, until today the number of refugees reached 7,542 people were evacuated in 12 points: Jambur Sempakata (2308), Klasis GBKP (547), GBKP City / TRC Building (300), GBKP CITY / Multipurpose Building (220), Jambur Umbrella (1700), Klasis Brastagih (1560), the Great Mosque (182), Zentrum (339), Simpang GBKP VI (36), Parish (50), Jambur Tuah Lopati (200), Building KNPI (100). Agung Laksono said before reporters, steps to be taken after a volcanic eruption is the People’s safety, and then followed by rapid assessment. Health and Field Kitchen Unit, said Agung, must be assured and ready. “If necessary, the National Government will step in,” said Agung. Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare Minister also requested Karo Regent to immediately establish BPBD Karo. On this occasion BNPB handed 300 million rupiahs to the mayor of  Karo Regent through the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra Erri Nurhadi.

Deputy Emergency Management BNPB, Tri Budiarto, Deputy Ministry of People’s Welfare for Coordinating Environment and Social Insecurity, Willem Rampangilei attended this event. Karo Regent, Ukur Karo Jambi Surbakti, Karo commander Lt. Col. Kav. Meyer Putong, and Karo Police Commissioner Albert Sianipar from Local Karo Regents also attended the event.
At 12:30 pm Sinabung volcano erupted again with height of 3,000 m from the summit crater. Previously there was no tremor since Monday afternoon until Tuesday. Sudden volcanic eruption brought grayish black smoke and ash rise in some places.
Department of Public Works distributed clean water to all IDP camps. While provincial Social Department droping 1500 meal box.


Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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