Based on the eruption of Mount Sinabung Emergency Response meetings and evaluations, Wednesday (18/9):
1. Total refugees recorded until 17:00 pm is 14.991 people.

2. To facilitate the coordination and distribution of aid, evacuation points will be reduced from

26 shelter point to 16 shelter point. All of them are focused in Kabanjahe.

3. The 16th shelter points are Jambur Sempakata (2308), Klasis GBKP (800), GBKP City / TRC Building (1200), GBKP City/Multipurpose Building (239), Istikar Barastagi Mosque (310), Great Mosque (182), Zentrum (339 ), Simpang GBKP VI (220), Parish (50), Adil Jambur Makmur (1904), Jambur Haloho (1600), Jambur Dalihan Tolu (1406), Jambur Pulungan (1900), Jambur Payung (1500), KWK Berastagi for women (537), Klass Berastagi for Male (496).

4. Distribution process of refugees held in 16 points lasted until today (Thursday) morning for 75 per cent of refugees worked in the fields and going back to the shelter in the afternoon.

5. To facilitate information and communication during the emergency response, Bukit Barisan Military District Command I distributed 16 pieces communication devices HT (HandyTalky) to each refugee coordinators.
District Local Government Karo needs to deal with refugees by providing basic needs. Socialization should be immediately conveyed to the public so that those who live in safe areas do not need to evacuate. Refugees are always dynamic causing problems in data collection.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB


Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto

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