In the context of the implementation of the competency test or competency-based assessment, a competency test assessor has an important and decisive role in achieving the expected quality of the competency test. An assessor not only have a duty to direct and guide participants (Assesse) in the process of the competency test, but more than he/she is expected to facilitate who can encourage and guide participants to apply their learning independently (self-learning) in achieving the competencies required .

Considering the critical role of an assessor, it must be prepared a mechanism and procedures in preparing for, select, train, and develop an assessor who can achieve the required competence. Legal Affairs and International Cooperation Bureau of BNPB on December 23 to 27 September 2013 conducting Disaster Management Competency Assessor Workshop, held at The Jayakarta Hotel & Resort, Bogor by 37 (thirty-seven) participants from BNPB, Ministry/Agency, and Non-Government Organizations. This workshop goal is to produce competence assessor in the disaster management area in order to support the reliable professional certification programs and improving the quality of human resources.

In order to make the assessor consistently have the expected performance should be prepared a mechanism that can perform the function of information, communication and a good working relationship between the assessor and BNSP. Moreover, needs to be prepared a firm and clear rules, in order the motivated assessor to continue to maintain the quality competency test conducted. The competence assessor workshop in Disaster Management was officially opened by the Chief of Legal and International Cooperation of BNPB, Drs. Sugiarto. The workshop resource persons was from assessor and assisted by Master assessor of BNSP as supervisor, while the teaching material of the standard of competence required by an assessor competencies are: TAA ASS 401C Plan and organize assessment, TTA ASS 402C Implementing assessment and TAA ASS 403B Developing assessment tools.

Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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