Education and Training Center for Disaster Management (BNPB Training Center) held Senior Disaster Management Training in Lombok Garden Hotel, Mataram Oktober 4th till 8th 2013. This activity is held to provide knowledge on disaster management to the 8 Provincial BPBDs and 16 District/City BPBDs.

BNPB Chief gave lecture in disasters vulnerability in accordance that not all areas have local wisdom (6/10).

Local wisdom is the wisdom that leads a society in a dynamic process and can be inherited.

It can exist in social issues, politics, emergency, alternative causes and regular causes (such as flood, flood and rob).

“Disaster is a matter of vulnerability, so that we can anticipate and reduce the loss of life” he said.

“When you already have brevet means you are ready to be in the 247team’s, which are 24 hours and 7 days” he added.

Disaster is a product of socio ecological, for instance, residents who live along the Ciliwung River. Vulnerable communities may not necessarily poor. It can occur in everyone. So, do not hesitate to involve the army or the police.

Difficult budget in disaster management were also highlighted in the discussion. 72% of the budget is at the National Government, 28% were in the Local Govt.

BNPB is ready to help and has been titled of WTP TPP (Natural, without exception, without any explanatory paragraph) in his Performance Assessment.

The outcome of this training is so that the BPBDs employees would understand disaster management and be able to take decisions related to DM in Indonesia. “I really hope a lot progress from all of you” add Syamsul Maarif in his closing speech.

Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto

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