MATARAM (7/10). National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) organized a series of activities in the commemoration of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) on October 7th till 10th 2013 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province. At the memorial this DRR month, BNPB involves a lot of people so that the goals can be achieved. This involvement is expected to build mutual awareness, especially of the people, because they are at the forefront in responding to the emergency.

The most important message in this DRR month is that the disaster impact can be reduced if the spirit and the concrete efforts of DRR mainstreamed by all parties. The peak of the DRR Month activities in Indonesia this time brings theme of “Disaster Risk Reduction, Investing for the Strong Nation “. This theme is in line with the Global Platform meeting theme “Invest Today for a Safer Tomorrow”.

Community engagement in this series of activities are, for instance, competitions, exhibitions, rally, DRR stage, DRR training and socialization, as well as self-evacuation. Self evacuation performed in Pine Village, West Lombok and Labuan Tereng village, West Lombok. In addition, the implementation of a series of commemorative DRR Month activities is open to public. On this occasion, BNPB supported by National Platform (Planas) and West Nusa Tenggara provincial government also held a devotional service to the community as social, health care, counseling and recovery reduction of malnutrition, dengue fever cases services, and health for the Elder.

Implementation of such grand memorial were attended by 1,300 participants from the Ministries/Agencies, the Provincial Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), district BPBDs, academics, practitioners, and representatives of community organizations, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and several International Organizations.

DRR co-memorial summit was located at 3 main locations, the Lombok Raya Hotel, GOR Mataram and Mataram University. Among other activities organized 12 seminars Indonesian Disaster Masterplan academic paper as a research from 12 universities. Meanwhile, BNPB held competitions, among others, drawing and coloring, drama categorized from elementary students to high school students, Quizzes, and race Rally Photos in collaboration with ZeroRisk Disaster magazine.

In the book review event, 9 books to be discussed including The Chief of  BNPB experience, Dr Syamsul Maarif, in the handling of the survivors in Rokatenda. This event is located in the Library of the University of Mataram. Other activities include planting mangroves and bamboo, PRB rally convoy along a route that had affected disaster areas. The rally was attended by more than 100 disaster vehicles/equipment.

In particular, this DRR momentum Day provides an opportunity for the implementation of DRR Forum meeting in Indonesia. This meeting is a means for DRR Forum in Indonesia to discuss matters related to DRR activities by considering the Yogyakarta Declaration as a result AMCDRR 5th in 2012. (TY)

Translated  by Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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