In the 68th anniversary of Indonesian Army on October 5, 2013, this time theme is “professional, militant, solid and Together with the community, TNI Strong”. As Follow-up of this theme, from the date of October 3rd to 7th, TNI shows their main defense system equipment tools (alusista) in the area of ​​the National Monument in Jakarta, which is open to public so that people can know the strength of Indonesia fleet owned by the TNI and know the TNI’s role in the life of Indonesian society. At the show this year, BNPB through the Deputy Logistics and Equipment and the Data Information and Public Relations Center participating by displaying disaster management vehicle, Mobile kitchen unit that can be directly tested by the visitors, TNI photo wall in Disaster Relief and disaster information data residing on the BNPB Stand. Besides the communication Mobile unit, also displayed BNPB Mobile Library unit that was the focus the visitors want to be clear about the information on disaster related or disaster books and a documentary film. The Peak of the attention of visitors at BNPB Mobile Library unit occurred since the date of October 5 to 6 2013. Through these activities, it is expected that the community know the role of the military force in disaster management and to increased insight into the disaster that will be inherent in the life of Indonesian society for the realization of disaster risk reduction in achieving nation-responsive, agile, and Strong. TNI in this event show their potential operational owned vehicles like tanks, helicopters, mobile hospitals, etc. The exhibition is also enlivened by the Indonesian community of Harley Davidson, Mercedes G Class, Volkswagen, Pertamina, and so forth


Translated By Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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