One of the participants joining the Capacity Development Disaster Management Rapid Response Force (SRC PB) Training, Sumaryono from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said, “This training is very helpful to deepen the knowledge and the proper handling of the disaster according to the principles in the SRC PB”. Some of the principles in SRC namely, the speed, disaster management should be implemented quickly, because it involves saving human lives; Professionals, disaster management should be conducted in a professional manner by using competency standards that apply to the safety; flexibility, SRC PB should provide a consistent, flexible and easily adapted to existing conditions in managing disasters in the location, regardless of the causes, the size of the location and complexity of the disaster; accountability, every action undertaken by PB SRC is done in an open and accountable to the ethics and laws.
Panji Yudo from Tagana, Ministry of Social Affairs, said the SRC PB training clearly informed about the duties and functions of the organization SRC PB”. Duties and functions of the organization of the SRC PB are management and control. during the early period of panic in disaster management, SRC PB task is as liaison officer and management between Central Government and Local Government, governmental and non govt. organizations (NGOs) and the international community, which controls all activities conducted in initial emergency response to ensure effective communication between the SRC PB and BNPB also with local governments as well as sectors and institutions/organizations at national and international level to make the ¬†operation more optimal in disaster management, planning namely to collect, evaluate and disseminate information providing the factual and actual disaster and provide recommendations for the action steps that will be taken as outlined in the planning document form. Logistics and resources to prepare the resource (the logistics of food and non-food assistance, personnel, infrastructure/facilities, tools and equipment) required for the implementation of emergency response operations tasks. Administration section provides financial support such as administrative services, licensing, documentation and reporting on implementation activities.

The same opinion is expressed by Mukmin SRC PB from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Tagana training unit that “Communication is the most important thing in the SRC PB therefore it needs to be ensured that the communication system in the affected areas can be activated and function, so all the information and command execution can run well. Besides, the leading edge conditions of disaster management information can be given to institutions/agencies/organizations concerned with the society as factual and actual.
PB SRC material on this western region training consists of shelters Management, Leadership, Early Warning System, the characteristics of the Earthquake and Tsunami, rapid assessment and problem solving, decision-making methods, rules and policies on DM, Incident Command System, Management Information, Public Relation, Media center management, logistics and tools management, emergency management, and command post exercise. (Rsp)


Translated By Henrikus Adi Hernanto


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