National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) held PR Technical Guidance held, October 17TH until 19th, 2013 at Mount Geulis Hotel, Bogor, West Java. The event was opened by the Head of Public Relations BNPB, Drs. Hartje Robert W. In his speech, Hartje said “the importance of public relations as in disaster journalistic increase press needs to establish a good internal organization communication coverage good relations and good relationship with the community. Professional public relations are responsible for to educate, persuade, gain sympathy, and arouse public interest   on disaster related information in a clear, real, and comprehensive manner. Making a planned program in its effort to create shared understanding   between institutions   and community-related disaster is essential for PR agents.

In its development, the role of public relations is increasingly vital, so the function is very strategic. Implementation of this function will occur when government activities had the full support from the public component/stakeholders. Law on Public Information No.14 Year of 2008 is one indicator of the emergence of the information society. The public has a right to have information progress and is protected by law. Governments are required to provide information and communicate or socialize in accordance with the hope of the people, because the government is basically a public servant (public service) to provide service and dedication to the community.

Provide service to the community is a major task of the government. The services provided should be done as possible so as to create a harmonious relationship between government and society. Here we need the Government Relations role in disseminating the policy to the public. Services are characterized by rapid, precise and accurate to be given to the public because it greatly affects the quality of public confidence in the Government credibility.

PR position is supporting the achievement of the goals set by an organization’s management. PR is a public target internal and external, which is operationally in charge of public relations to foster a harmonious relationship between the organization and its publics and prevent psychological obstacles that might occur between them. Role of PR can also assess the attitude of the community in order to create harmony between people and organizations policy.

Keynote speakers in the technical guidance are: Mrs. Mary from Antara news agency brought theme of Journalistic coverage (observations, interviews and literature studies), Mr. Sekartono, KOMINFO Information Center with theme of Information and Documentation Management and also Dissemination of BNPB Act on Media Center. Participants of this event are from National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). (Rsp)

Translated By Henrikus Adi Hernanto

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